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2024-03-25 Ramping up security: additional APK checks are in place with the IzzyOnDroid repo

With the library scanner in place for multiple years, it was about time to establish some additional APK checks with the IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repository. This article will give you an idea what other information can be obtained from APK files, even without accessing their sources.

2021-01-29 Identify modules in apps

Most apps ship with additional modules. Some of those are required for the functionality, others are not. This article will deal with the latter – and how to find out which of those might be used by an app.

2017-11-10 (2017-04-22) What’s it all about those modules apps contain?

Most apps ship with additional modules. Some of those are required for the functionality, others are not. While still serving a justified purpose, they come at a cost. This article will take a deeper look at this second category.

2015-06-02 What options do I have to backup my Android device?

When it comes to good backups, most manufacturers let their users down. True, some backup apps are often pre-installed – but what do they cover? Usually a small subset of what you’d hope for. So what alternatives do exist to have a real good backup at hand? This article introduces you to the most trusted ones.

2014-12-31 Why do some apps request too many permissions?

While most permissions an app requests are somehow understandable, some are not – and others even sound ludicrous. What stands behind them? Why do some apps request permissions that don’t seem to make sense? Do they really need them – or is there „anything else“?

2014-07-22 The trouble with Updates

In IT, it’s almost a mantra: updates increase security. But how do they come to our Android devices? Are there any hazards users should know about?

2014-07-16 Android Markets: How safe are alternative sources?

Most Android users only know about Google Play in this context. All other sources are said to be “unsafe”. But is that true? Or are there other sources to be considered safe?

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Finally also articles at IzzyOnDroid!

At “IzzyOnDroid” you now also can find articles on some interesting Android topics like apps, markets, security, privacy, and what else the Android user happens upon in his daily life. What to expect, is outlined in this first post.