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2022-12-08 (2022-11-15) Android without Google: Shiftphones

Like the well-known Fairphones, Shiftphones are modular devices. Right from the shop they ship with no bloat, just the minimal set of Google Apps are installed. And never was it easier to go Google-free: no bootloader unlocking or the like required, simply use the standard update feature to switch to the alternative version!

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© rovo89

Xposed: The mighty Android toolbox

Here or there, you might have been stumbling upon the strange term „Xposed“ and wondered what it is about. Or you´ve seen what you can do with it, and asked yourself how to achieve this and what else might be possible with it. This article should answer some of those questions.

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© Izzy

Bash and ADB: Adebar helps you backup, document, and restore your device

Adebar stands for „Android DEvice Backup And Restore“. It creates scripts you can use to backup/restore your device via ADB (including freezing apps), and partly „documents“ your device. What’s more? Read on!

2014-10-01 StripSearch helps you find apps by permission

Some apps simply request too much permissions we either do not understand – or understand them pretty well and do not want them. Be it for privacy reasons, or out of anxiety the apps themselves might abuse our trust. Unfortunately, app stores don’t provide a filter for that. Do not fear: StripSearch comes to your rescue!

2014-11-18 (2014-09-07)
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© Menny G. (CC)

Android without Google 6: Self-Experiment

Having written a five-part-tutorial to finally show you how it could be done, I thought it might be a good idea to try it myself (oops?). So this post shows my experiences with a Google-free Android, diary-style.

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© astoncheah & Izzy

Convenient and Customizable: A look at the “C-Apps”

Names of his apps usually start with a “C”, which shall stand for “Convenience” and “Customization”. They are as well (c)lever, (c)omfortable, and more. Let’s take a look at some of them: “C Locker” and “C Widget” for example.

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Finally also articles at IzzyOnDroid!

At “IzzyOnDroid” you now also can find articles on some interesting Android topics like apps, markets, security, privacy, and what else the Android user happens upon in his daily life. What to expect, is outlined in this first post.