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© William Theaker / Izzy

Extend the „simple binary repo“: Screenshots & more

The previous article described how to create and run a simple F-Droid repo. Of course, with just text it looks a bit spartan – so let’s polish it up a bit with this article, and add graphics among other things.

2022-03-03 (2021-11-14)
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© William Theaker / Izzy

Setting up a simple binary F-Droid repo

No GUI, but more flexibility: fdroidserver is intended to run F-Droid repos. It’s used by F-Droid itself even to build apps from source, and also by IzzyOnDroid to just serve „collected apps“ using a setup variant called „simple binary repo“. This is easier to achieve than you might think – and this article shows you how to do it on a Debian based system.

2021-08-16 Metatrans Apps introduces its own F-Droid repository

With F-Droid, everybody can host their own repo: like the apps at F-Droid, the software is completely free and open source. Some enthusiast supporters already do so, also some developers. Read in this guest article how Metatrans Apps discovered this possibility for themselves, and what their experience was on the path.

2021-09-19 (2020-12-20)
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Join the F-Droid Team: Tasks of a Reviewer

You’ve probably heard that F-Droid is „permanently understaffed“ and could need some more „helping hands“ – but always thought it might be to complicated for you? While there are indeed some complicated tasks: there are also easy onces any enthusiastic user can perform. No development knowledge required. Got curious? This article shows some of my daily tasks.

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© William Theaker / Izzy

Your own F-Droid Repository with Repomaker

The previous articles showed what F-Droid is and how it works. Now we want to see how to host our own app repository, and make it available to other F-Droid users. For this task, the F-Droid team offers a fine and easy-to-use tool: Repomaker.

2021-04-13 (2018-12-23)
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© Izzy

F-Droid for advanced users and developers

This article covers advanced topics: you can use 3rd-party repositories and have the privileged extension to take care for automated updates. Further it will be shown how new apps can be added to F-Droid.

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© William Theaker / Izzy

F-Droid: The privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play Store

With Google Play Store you´re tracked without end: by the Play Store itself as well as by the most apps you can find in it. But you can escape that – e.g. by turning your back to Play Store and instead use an alternative focusing on free and open software as well as privacy. One such can be found in F-Droid – which this article introduces.

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IzzyOnDroid’s F-Droid Repo with additional functionality

It has been around for quite a while, but was never introduced in an article here. Time for a few words on the „IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repo“ and what it offers.

2024-05-19 (2016-03-12)
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© William Theaker

Unofficial (and incomplete) list of F-Droid repositories

Most of you probably have already heard of F-Droid, the completely open-source „store“ for Android apps. Some might even know there’s more than one repository you can use with their app. But when it comes to the question for a list of them, answers are rare. Here’s one of them.