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2024-03-25 Ramping up security: additional APK checks are in place with the IzzyOnDroid repo

With the library scanner in place for multiple years, it was about time to establish some additional APK checks with the IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repository. This article will give you an idea what other information can be obtained from APK files, even without accessing their sources.

Teaser Img
IzzyOnDroid’s F-Droid Repo with additional functionality

It has been around for quite a while, but was never introduced in an article here. Time for a few words on the „IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repo“ and what it offers.

2016-03-28 What can we learn about apps from market stats?

IzzyOnDroid now is in its third year of existence, having collected app data since its start. With over 13.000 apps listed here: Is there anything we can learn about them from those data? I´d say we can, and this article will show what. Read on!

2015-02-09 First anniversary – Come by and win a … price :)

It´s almost one year ago now that this website started. Time to look back and ahead: What was achieved? What might be coming? And what can you win (oh, yes!)? Read on!

2014-08-29 Privacy and permission friendly apps

You might have noticed that “IzzyOnDroid” has quite a strong focus on privacy. I want to make it easy to find not only the best rated app for a purpose, but also the least invasive. And give you good hints in my articles. But of course I cared for that as well when building this site. Some sum-up and hints in this article.

Teaser Img
Finally also articles at IzzyOnDroid!

At “IzzyOnDroid” you now also can find articles on some interesting Android topics like apps, markets, security, privacy, and what else the Android user happens upon in his daily life. What to expect, is outlined in this first post.