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© Exodus Privacy (CC-BY-SA)

Exodus Privacy: The Tracker-Checker

Meanwhile, at least two thirds of all Android Apps are tracker ridden. Even the paid ones. More than ten trackers in a single app are no rare cases – even apps with 20 or more than 30 trackers have already turned up. And they endangering our privacy. Play Store doesn’t point them out – but thanks to Exodus Privacy, we track them down.

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© William Theaker / Izzy

Your own F-Droid Repository with Repomaker

The previous articles showed what F-Droid is and how it works. Now we want to see how to host our own app repository, and make it available to other F-Droid users. For this task, the F-Droid team offers a fine and easy-to-use tool: Repomaker.

2018-05-27 Root for all: Magisk

Ever heard of Magisk? No, thats no mythical creature. This tool applies a MAGIcal maSK on top of the read-only system partition, which enables us to do some interesting things. Some of them you will find in this article.

2015-11-24 Android without Google: Where do I get my apps now?

Completely freed of the „Google Stack“, the Playstore app also has disappeared from our Android device. Where do you get your apps from now? Is it still possible to access the Playstore somehow? Are there Alternatives?

2015-10-27 Android without Google: microG

About a year ago, on the topic „Android without Google“ I described the NOGAPPS project as an alternative to the proprietary Google Services. This project meanwhile made a lot of progress, while being renamed. Time to take a look at its successor: microG

2015-06-02 What options do I have to backup my Android device?

When it comes to good backups, most manufacturers let their users down. True, some backup apps are often pre-installed – but what do they cover? Usually a small subset of what you’d hope for. So what alternatives do exist to have a real good backup at hand? This article introduces you to the most trusted ones.

2014-08-27 ADB for end-users

You might have seen the one or other tutorial including steps to be performed “via ADB” – and thought installing the entire developers toolkit with its 90+ megabytes being more than just overkill for you. Luckily there are alternatives. And there are several things making ADB useful for the end user. Read on for details.

2014-08-25 Android without Google 5: Free your Droid!

Now that we’ve checked around, it might be time for the final step: free our devices from the Google apps, making is as open source as possible – while keeping it as convenient as possible at the same time. We will pick up details from the previous parts, while adding the missing bits. Let’s go!

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© pixabay (CC0)

Android without Google 3: Getting rid of unwanted bloatware

Before we go on a hunt to find replacements for pre-installed (Google-) apps, another question needs to be answered: How can we get rid of the “originals” we then no longer want to use? As those mostly come pre-installed in system-space, they cannot simply be “uninstalled”. This article will present some solutions and work-arounds.

2014-08-12 Android without Google 2: ownCloud

In the first part of this series we figured there might be good reasons not to put all our private and personal data into the Google cloud. Starting with this second article, we’ll take a look at alternatives: ownCloud seems to cover several services at once, leaving all data in our hands. Does it work out?