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The Fediverse is „an ensemble of federated (i.e. interconnected) servers that are used for web publishing (i.e. social networking, microblogging, blogging, or websites) and file hosting, but which, while independently hosted, can communicate with each other.“ Details can be found a.o. on this site in the Fediverse article series – and in the Fediverse Wiki. If you’re looking for a safe (new) home in the Fediverse, make sure to check with FediPact.

This category serves as „collector“ to make it easier finding the relevant apps in their specific categories:

Fediverse Services

Service Short Description
Funkwhale Audio & Sound
Mastodon & Pleroma MicroBlogging
Peertube Video
Pixelfed Pictures/Photos
Weitere föderierte Netze Verschiedenes

Fediverse apps not fitting in any existing category – or covering multiple services:



Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit,, or Hacker News: you subscribe to forums you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote, and comment on them. Behind the scenes, it is very different; anyone can easily run a server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connected to the same universe, called the Fediverse.

Other decentralized networks


Further Readings: