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Text Encryption

Text encryption can be useful for different purposes. There's the "easy hiding" of spoilers (e.g. using Caesar-Chiffre aka "ROT-13", also used with Geo-Caching), or Morse-Codes. And there are more serious things like safe-guarding sensitive information with real encryption. For all this, you can find matching Android apps:



Caesar-Cipher is also known as "ROT" (from "rotate"), as the algorithm rotates the letters of the alphabet (e.g. 13 times with ROT-13), which is easily revertable. Caesar is said having used this to encrypt military correspondence, hence the name.

Morse Code

Morse code was used for telegraphy long ago. But it's still active in seafaring today (often as light signals), its best known example probably being the SOS distress signal.

Morse Tutors


General Morse apps


Morse Keyboards


Multiple text-encryption methods


Text encryption with PGP


Encryption with AES/DES


Messenger with encryption


Also see: Verschlüsselte Messenger im Vergleich: Threema, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp (11/2015 - 4/2017)

Various other encryption apps


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