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Backup & Co.

Backup your apps


These helpers are to backup your apps (.apk files), not their data!

Also see: AndSync with Perl via ADB => ICS+, no root required

Backup SMS/MMS


Backup call logs


Backup calendars


Backup contacts


The easiest way to export/import your contact data can be found in the Contacts app itself: it offers to export/import data using the VCard format, which is also understood perfectly by most desktop applications. From the main window, simply activate the menu, and chose Export/Import – there you are.

Backup bookmarks


Backup contacts, SMS, and more


Full Backups

Full Backups (root required)


Full Backups without root


Not all of these "complete backups" do really backup everything (if they do, I've pointed it out). An (almost) full backup without root is only possible via ADB on Android 4.0+.

Also see: Adebar, a small project of mine. Utilizes ADB and Bash to generate scripts for backup/restore, also taking care for re-disabling apps following a restore.

There's also a FOSS pendant to the built-in Google Cloud backup, where you can shose your own resources (e.g. local card, Nextcloud) to back up to. A video demo of the Beta can be found at PeerTube. It’s called Seedvault, and you can find the source here. LineageOS includes Seedvault since Android 10 (LineageOS 17).

Full Backups: Nandroid


Nandroid Backups require a rooted device with Custom Recovery.

And then there're also various PC-Tools for Backups:

Also see: Full Backup of non-rooted devices

Backups to the Cloud

Also see: Synchronizing Files and Folders.

Backup SMS into the Cloud


Backup contacts into the Cloud


Backup SMS, MMS, and more into the Cloud


Various Cloud Backups


Other Backups

Backup WiFi APNs


This generally requires root. And it's a fact: root has permission to access everything…

For more apps, also see WiFi Password Recovery

Photo Backup


Various Backups


Further Readings: