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Unofficial (and incomplete) list of F-Droid repositories

F-Droid Logo
F-Droid Logo;
© William Theaker (CC-BY-SA)

I’ve already introduced F-Droid with my article Android Markets: How safe are alternative sources?. Number of apps meanwhile has increased to over 1,700 on their official repo, and still all of them are available free of charge – being open-source after all. If you’re already using the F-Droid app you might have noticed it serves multiple repositories, with a few of them already pre-configured. And you can add more. Now the point is: what other repositories do exist? I try to close that gap here, giving you a list of repositories I’ve found so far. Feel free to contact me if you think there’s an error in the list – or if you happen to know more of them :)

:warn: Use these repositories at your own risk: not all of them hold „stable builds“ intended for use in „productive environments“. Some are explicitly declared for test builds or experimental versions. So please don´t integrate them blindly – but check the corresponding background first. Also note that „cross-updates“ between the official F-Droid repo and other sources is not possible, as F-Droid builds and signs the .apk files in its own process.

Repository list

Repository URL Remarks Updated1
Official repo The official repo. This is enabled by default. 2015-05-26
FDroid Archive Older versions of apps from the main repo. Pre-configured. 2015-05-26
Antox (created by Mark Winter maintained by subliun), an Android client for Tox 2016-02-17
Briar A Secure Messenger 2017-12-30
Bromite Bromite, Chromium, WebView 2018-12-06
Bubu´s Mostly Telegram Messenger 2018-06-14
cgeo mainline c:geo, Geo-Caching for Android (details on the repo) 2016-02-17
cgeo nightly c:geo, Geo-Caching for Android (details on the repo) 2016-02-17
Eutopia Signal (TextSecure) builds (not updated since 2017-08-09, cert expired) 2018-12-06
Eutopia experimental builds of WebSocket-based fork of Signal (TextSecure) renamed to LibreSignal. 2016-11-03: No longer maintained, cert expired 2018-12-06
Firefox unofficial Unofficial repo (.apk from 2017-11-16
Friendiqa Friendica Android client 2018-12-06
Guardian Project
Some privacy related apps like Orbot and ChatSecure 2015-05-26
Grobox F-Droid Maintainer Torsten Grote‘s Testing repo for e.g. Liberario and Blitzmail 2015-05-26
Haagch colorful little collection of mostly non-FOSS apps 2018-06-04
I2P The Invisible Internet Project (anonymizing network) 2015-05-26
IzzyOnDroid IzzyOnDroid repo; .apk files originate at the resp. developers 2016-03-12
J2Ghz repo hosting dev builds of Tachiyomi, Tachiyomi extension sources and a few other apps. 2018-12-06: gone (404) 2018-12-06
Kuschku Official Repository for all applications, including Quasseldroid 2018-05-07
microG The open source alternative to GApps 2016-03-10
Nailyk some private repo; mGerrit, Tusky 2018-06-14
NanoDroid unofficial snapshot builds of microG, DroidGuard and more 2018-12-06
Nit Apps built in the Nit programming language 2015-05-26
Noise Signal without Google Play Services 2017-06-09
Oeffi Oeffi (public transport app) 2015-05-26
Onosendai Client for Twitter, Facebook & more 2016-12-27
PartidoPirata Signal 2018-12-06
pilight Home Automation (pilight; last update 2015-05-25) 2015-05-26
Playmaker Playmaker demo repository; 2018-12-06: gone (404) 2018-12-06
RetroArch Reference Frontend für LibRetro; 2018-12-06: gone (404) 2018-12-06
StoryMaker Create audio, video and photo stories; last repo update: 2014-10-14 2018-12-06
Tagesschau Tagesschau App (German News) 2018-10-08
Telegram (inofficial) Telegram Messenger; 2018-12-06: invalid certificate 2018-12-06
Tox Tox Secure Messenger with audio and video capabilities; 2018-12-06: gone (SEO parking) 2018-12-06
Umbrella Security advices, tutorials etc. 2016-10-23
Yves Fischer personal Repo; last updated: 2016-10-22 2018-12-06

A list of known repositories meanwhile is also part of the F-Droid Wiki.


You’re encouraged to notify me of changes as well as of additional F-Droid repositories you might know, so I can update/add them to above list. But for now: Enjoy!

first published: 2015-05-26


  1. Refers to the time this table-row has been last updated ↩︎

2016-03-12 (2018-12-06)