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OPN2 MIDI Player

Simple MIDI-player for Android based on libOPNMIDI library

OPN2 MIDI Player is an implementation of OPNMIDI based MIDI-player for Android. It’s a MIDI-player based on emulator of a Frequency Modulation chip Yamaha OPN2 (YM2612). This small MIDI-player made with using of libOPNMIDI library.

Key Features:

  • OPN2 emulation
  • Customizable bank of FM patches (You have to use the bank editor to create own sound bank)
  • Stereo sound
  • Number of simulated OPN2 chips can be specified as 1-100 (maximum channels 600!)
  • Pan (binary panning, i.e. left/right side on/off)
  • Pitch-bender with adjustable range
  • Vibrato that responds to RPN/NRPN parameters
  • Sustain (a.k.a. Pedal hold) and Sostenuto enable/disable
  • MIDI and RMI file support
  • Real-Time MIDI API suppor
  • MIDI and RMI file support
  • loopStart / loopEnd tag support (Final Fantasy VII)
  • 111-th controller based loop start (RPG-Maker)
  • Use automatic arpeggio with chords to relieve channel pressure
  • Support for multiple concurrent MIDI synthesizers (per-track device/port select FF 09 message), can be used to overcome 16 channel limit
  • Partial support for GS and XG standards (having more instruments than in one 128:128 GM set and ability to use multiple channels for percussion purposes, and a support for some GS/XG exclusive controllers)
  • CC74 "Brightness" affects a modulator scale (to simulate frequency cut-off on WT synths)
  • Portamento support (CC5, CC37, and CC65)
  • SysEx support that supports some generic, GS, and XG features
  • Full-panning stereo option (works for emulators only)
Author:Vitaly Novichkov
Google Play:Check if it's there
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Version (2019-03-03)

Android Versions:
  • Target: 9.0
  • MinVer: 4.0
4 Libraries detected:

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Version (2019-02-21)

Version (2019-01-10)